Mother’s day 11th Marh 2018

Been a while since I updated so here I go…..

It will have been 6 years this April since my bariatric bypass and here’s my report:

I weigh 20 pounds less than I did since the consultant signed me off two years after my op 🙂

I am still enjoying wearing clothes I could never get into before 🙂

Fred (my tummy still plays up on a regular basis 😦 but I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

Was this journey worth it – Oh hell yes!!!!  Would I recommend it to anyone very overweight – oh hell yes!!!

My life has changed in so many ways and I will always be grateful to my consultant M Halstead and friends I made at the Bradford Bariatric Group.

It is Mother’s Day here today and I am sat awaiting a parcel from my daughter who lives darn sarf!! – I have skinny jeans and a (wait for it) size 14 top on – that’s a first since 1984!!!  In all fairness I am a 16/18 top normally (depends on the shop) and 16/18 bottoms.

NB: delivery arrived – beautiful bouquet of flowers in a ceramic vase – I am a lucky mum!

That’s all for now folks – if anyone reading this is at the start of their journey – good luck and those thinking about this – it’s hard but so worth it.

Take care





Even lower it seems

So last posting I was 79.7 kg and extremely happy although ‘Fred’ is playing up a lot these days.

Weighed myself yesterday and I am now 77.8 kg – this is a new low for me – think I was this in 1986 for a while before baby helped pile the weight on 🙂

I am a little sick of being able to eat crisps/biscuits/toast with consummate ease whilst normal ‘good for you food’ makes ‘Fred’ play up.  Not all the time but hey ho life is still good and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Just remember when some days are a struggle – you are losing weight, alive and more healthy than before – always a win!



Speak soon

How low can you go?

Spent the last month recovering from a shoulder op – one of the downsides of diabetes is you don’t heal as quick 😦 but at least I didn’t need a special air mattress in hospital as I did pre-op.

When I was discharged from Mr Halstead two years after bariatric surgery I was 90 Kilo’s.  Today I weighed myself (5yr 5 months on) and I weigh 79.7 Kilo’s – lowest I have been in more than 25 years.

None of this is easy and so NOT the easy option as some people think but I am still here to tell the tale and if I had to do it all again  I WOULD.    That is in spite of Fred (my tummy) playing up on a weekly basis still.

I can still get into one leg of my pre-op trousers that, at the time were too tight (size 26/28) and it still gives me a thrill and I’ve lost more weight since then.

me in one leg

I am still loving being able to shop in normal stores for clothes – I don’t think I will ever get over being able to shop like that and not having to go to Evans.  Now don’t get me wrong Evans do some lovely clothes but now I can pick and choose where to shop I don’t ever want to go there again as for years it was practically the ONLY shop where I could by something to wear 😦

I am a size 18 but I feel amazing… I reckon if I could get rid of my flabby tum I would be a 16 but I don’t care enough to pay thousands for that op.

I was worried that losing weight would age me but last year I graduated with a PG Cert and this pic with my daughter shows I, thankfully, haven’t aged due to saggy skin phew!

My daughter and me at my graduation

Someone asked if I was her older sister lol

Speak soon,

Take care,

Mandy xxxx

Fred has settled down for now

20429732_10159231816445691_1739902204790395123_nMorning all,

I’ve had a dodgy few weeks with my tum (Fred) playing up every other day.

Since Friday night when he had a mini tantrum he has been on his best behaviour even when we went to My Thai for a meal last night.  He behaved immaculately and enabled me to enjoy part of a mixed starter and some sizzling crispy duck with Jasmine rice.  RESULT!!

Lets hope it continues tonight when we have a traditional Sunday dinner.

Even after his tantrums etc I still wouldn’t change a thing, I am 7 stone slimmer than I was pre-op and my sugars are stable.  I enjoy shopping for clothes and don’t feel a freak when I am out.

Wish my hair wasn’t so thin but hey ho things could be worse.

Bye for now.

Say no to spaghetti

So 5 years down the line I figured I would do spaghetti and meatballs for tea.  A very big no no!

Fred threw a dickie fit and I was ill for about 2 hours.  Fred is my new tummy if you haven’t followed me before.

Ah well shouldn’t complain.  Diabetic doc is so happy with my blood sugars and my weight is the lowest in 20+ years

Yes folks even after 5 years my tum still plays up on a regular basis but I am still so happy I had it done.

Protein, protein, protein

Afternoon everyone.

So today I just want to mention Protein.  Something we all need after bariatric surgery in large amounts i.e. 60 – 70g of protein per day minimum.

This helps to stop hair loss (more than already happens especially in the early months of post-op).

I have fine hair and noticably less these days but if I let my protein intake slide, my hair starts to shed again (good incentive not to).

I track what I eat on  I try to stick to 1500 caleries (as per instructions from one of the consultants) but mainly I use it for my protein intake which I have set at 76 g per day.

I let my food recording slide for a few months and definitely notice my hair getting thinner again.

I now use PHD diet whey (chocolate peanut flavour) – tis amazing and they have other flavours too.  1 scoop of this with 200 mls of  semi-skimmed milk gives a a nice 24g of protein and 185 kc (if you are counting calories).  One of these a day helps me towards the protein goal.

That’s all for now folks.

Take care x



Happy New Year everyone.

Just thought I would share that I am now 4 pounds less than my lowest weight after the op.

Not all plain sailing as I still have times when my food doesn’t ‘work’ and I have to stop eating and/or throw up.

I am on a new tablet for my diabetes because, even though my medication is minimal to what it was it wasn’t as good as it could be so I have been prescribed Invokana or canagliflozin which helps with blood sugars by making you ‘pee’ sugar out of your system.  A by-product is I am also losing a little weight too 🙂

Never let anyone tell you bariatric surgery is an ‘easy’ option – they really do not know what they are talking about.  It is often hard but I’d rather of ups and downs with eating food than basically be dead for over two years !!!!